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Tess ROCKS the USDAA Monroe,WA trial

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Tess did GREAT @ the trial last weekend - - we ended up with 6 Q's out of 6 runs!!! She took 2-4th places and 3 Firsts!!!


(((((Tess is my Aussie in BC clothing - - the AKC would not ILP her as an Aussie - - even tho B&W is a standard Aussie color - - but trust me she is all Aussie~~~~~~)))))






This is the first time we made it thru her Gamblers run - - last trial she did not want to work independently of me ( trainer says I was babysitting her too much) and in these runs the dogs have to go do an amount of obstacles and you stay on the other side of a line - she did great this time - amazing what diligent training will do!!


We also had our first 'Q' in her Snooker run which included a First Place- - this is a fun game - - below the video you will see an explanation of it -the second run video on that page is her First Place Standard run - she had a crazy exit off teeter but she had hit her contact (yellow painted part at the bottom where they have to touch)- we had our personal best time of 35 seconds flat - - as you can tell we had our Pacific NW liquid sunshine that day - - - RAIN!!! UGH - but she doesn't ever seem to mind - - her focus is phenomenal and she is all GO!!!






I am again .......in awe and very proud of my girl! :rolleyes:

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Nice videos! I was distracted by the barking in the background, trying to hear if it was Wick.. lol.


Yah, I think most judges would've called that teeter, so don't be surprised if it's called one trial and not the next. ;-) Nice run though!

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