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A different type of food question

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I know there have been so many posts lately in regards to the type of food to feed, but from what I have read, nothing has really been said about the time(s) to feed.


Currently Gypsy gets fed 2 cups of Nutro Puppy Max each day (we're on the last of the bag and will soon be switching to adult). She gets one cup anytime between 10am-12, and the second cup anytime between 4-6. It used to always be 8 and 4, but she sleeps in later now until Nick gets up with her while I'm at work in the morning.


Would there be a problem with feeding her 2 cups all at once at around 5 or so? I know people who only feed their dog one time a day and he's fine, but would she be starving half the time? Or would her system adjust easily to a once-a-day feeding schedule?


I don't know if it matters but she is an extremely food motivated dog and loves eating. :rolleyes:





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I assume she would adjust. We feed twice a day. about 6-7 in the morning and 7-8 at night :rolleyes: really its what is more convient for you. but I believe *I am not an expert on this though* that if one is feeding once a day, its more off a free feed type of deal. and then it would come down to Gypsy learning that she doesn't need to woof all the food down at once :D (i dunno if she does, but thats what mine does :D )

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Is there any reason that you want to change to one meal?


I feed Holly twice a day usually at about 9am then about 5pm. No real set time, anythime around then.

She never use to bother so much with food until she got spayed now she eats it straight away. I personally have never liked the idea of feeding a dog once a day. I have no real experience, it's just i feel that one meal no matter how big is not going to last 24hours. I know some do it with their dogs but i always think the dogs must feel so full up after such a big meal and then hungry the rest of the day. I think Holly would be very hungry if we tried that, we have already reduced her food a little as she has increased weight a little since the op so i think it would make her wolf it down when she did get fed.


Sorry not much help that and i may be totally wrong it is just my opinion. :rolleyes:

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If she loves eating as much as you say, why would you torture her in waiting 24 hours between meals? If you control her portions, better make her happy twice a day :rolleyes:


I feed Ouzo 1/2 -3/4 cup of California Natural in the morning, about 7.30-8, before I leave for work, and then in the evening, another 1/2 -3/4 cup about 6-7 PM. Rarely does he asks for seconds. Some days, he doesn't eat one of his meals, and gets to eat it later. He's not too much into food. I still have to put shredded cheese as a toping to entice him to eat.


P.S. I found an old small bag of Purina One that I forgot about since I switched to CN last year, and guess how yummy he found the crappy food doe which he didn't care about last year! I have been using it this week as a "toping" for his regular kibble and he sure licks the bowl clean!

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I haven't really liked the idea of feeding once a day. But that's just me. As far as feeding goes I feed Black Jack twice a day. Around 8am to 9am in the morning and about 9pm at night. Pretty much because he likes to play when it's cool after the sun goes down so he has to eat later. lol.


I still have to put a treat in it every time so he'll eat it. He's really not very food driven, except when he's training. Then it's treats, treats, treats!!!!

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