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If you are going to be president then you will have to work on your international affairs. This could have made your poll numbers sky rocket. Just think....valiant, brave, flamboyant Woo saves village from mad rodent.


I think your poll numbers may suffer a bit.

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I don't want to start an argument on gun control, so please cut me some slack. DW and I both happen to own guns (hunting and target weapons), which we keep safely stored with trigger locks on all of them. A number of years ago, my neighbor at the time used to harass me about having guns in my home. One day, a rabid squirrel began attacking the back of her house. Her husband was not home, so she called Animal Control and the local Constabulary, but could not get anyone to come to her house immediately. Fearing for her and her children's safety, guess who she called and asked to come over and shoot the animal? I dispatched the squirrel, with a very carefully chosen weapon for the task. (No, not a gun; local ordinances forbid the discharge of a firearm in a residential area, and even if they didn't, I would not place anyone in the neighborhood at risk.) I am beginning to wonder, however, if, like long-ago days in the Old West, we need to begin arming ourselves as protection against nature...

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