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I have Mike's training dog to wrk cattle tape and he is pretty good, alot of the video is about fence work though.


I am also looking to purchase a couple of new videos, especially one on herding cattle. Any recomendations?


Who is Mike Hubbard and are his videos worth purchasing?


Thanks, Lisa H

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Try My freind Len Dalton His web site is www.daltonsdogs.com I think Is correct. His business is best of both worlds as he trains and sells border collies and kelpies.He has some of the best cow tapes that are truley reality tv.

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I don't know if you already have "Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks," but it is a very good basic training video. You can get it from Rural Route Videos.


Yes I already have this tape and it is a good one to start out with, but now I am looking for more advanced stuff, three of my dogs have been on cattle with me and my trainer and do very well, I just would like to know more about teaching my younger dogs to work them. I am pretty good teaching them to work sheep but don't have enough experience around cattle to feel secure teaching a new dog.

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