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  1. They seem to be doing fine on the Purina One so I think I will stick with that, they are fat and healthy, lively too. No loose stools so things seem to be coming along well. I have two who have both blue eyes they are so pretty. both parents carry the blue gene, momma has one blue eye and Daddys sire has two blue in a black mask, talk about haunting looking! One of the pups has bright blue eyes in a black mask so should look just like grandpa. I can't post pics from home (dial up) so will have to wait until I am at work and download my photo program in for a minute just to upload pics! I took 144 pics of them the other day and I think I got 6 good ones, darn creatures just won't sit and pose!! ha ha. Anyway thanks for all the input. Lisa
  2. I am not set on Purina, but we have very limited choices here, we have only safeway and Big R to chose from the brands they carry and they carry none of those other brands you mentioned. I have them started on the puppy chow and no diahrea so far but I am concerned it isnt' without corn and I Hate feeding corn products to my dogs. Have you tried Iams? Or Diamond they are my only other choices. (the vet carries Iams and maybe canidae I will check) I feed my kittens purina One kitten and they seem to do very well on it, Iams will give them bad diarhea, but then again persians are known for their grouchy tummies. Yes my socialization plans are already in progress, and they LOVE people as do the rest of my dogs. They are already adjusted to the pack and all my dogs baby them. They were raised with a kitten and the cats are in and out of the kennel so no problems there. Even have them sniffing the sheep to get used to the smell. Yes they are using a litter area, sure works out better that way, makes training so much easier. And finally yes again, I have a list of people waitng for them to be old enough to leave, and yes they are WORKING homes, and good people, half of them have recently suffered the loss of an older dog and are looking for a new companion. Just like my persians, who only go to persian experienced homes, they will only go to homes with previous border collie experience and a job to do. The hard part will be giving them up I can see potential in each of them already, they really took after Dad who is sooooo easy to work with he makes it look like I really know what I am doing! Pics will be posted soon, I promise! Lisa
  3. I have a litter of 6 beautiful pups and was wondering what others fed their little guys, they are going to be 4 weeks old on Friday and are starting to eat ground up, moistened dry food, whats the best puppy food to use? Any bad experiences I should know about? We have never had pups before except those already on food so this is new to me! I only use Purina one kitten on my persians, is purina one puppy any good? Any help would be great, Lisa
  4. I too find the baby socks are the best for foot injuries, my dogs will leave them on for days. Also the little booties for mushing dogs work very well. Lisa H
  5. All of our dogs are taught not to bark unless there is something to bark at, coyotes, badgers, strangers in the yard etc. Otherwise they are very quiet. BUT, when we drive in the driveway, we are greeted with 7 dogs howling like wolves they are so happy to see we came home again. We can be gone 2 minutes over to the neighbors and the excitement level is still the same as if we had been gone for days. Its soooooo nice to know they are so very glad we are home. Oh sure we yell quiet at them, but secretly its nice to know we are so well loved! Out of all our borders the deaf one is the most "talkative" I swear he says "hello", it sure sounds like it. My two brother dogs both "talk" especially when I am deciding who to take out to work. They don't bark, they just make the Yow, yow sounds border collies love to get your attention with. They are all such good dogs, I just love them! Lisa H
  6. give him a little more time to catch on to herding, all my borders love to play fetch, especially Diva who is squeeky obsessed, but they also LOVE to herd. Lisa h
  7. Yup, just happened to my pup Rags too, slipped on the ice running full bore of course, pulled muscle, so its rest time for him! This was his front right leg. I have also had a couple of pretty nicely cut toes on a couple of my other dogs, darned ole ice is kinda hard on them and of course they don't slow down one bit!! Can't wait for spring! Lisa H
  8. The only color my white factored dog has on him is his Merle ears and a black stripe on his head, and as I have said before he is completely deaf, he was born without ANY hearing mechanisms inside his ears. His pads are pink and yes he used to have all kinds of problems where we used to live on the highly acid soil, since we moved here to the high desert, not one problem, Thank goodness. Otherwise all the other problems he was supposed to have because he's white (eyesight, cancer, skin cancer etc) have never appeared and he will be 10 on Feb. 9th. When I took him to the vet as a pup for his first shots I heard all the horror stories of what to expect with this almost pure white dog, Thank God the vet has been wrong so far! The thing I find funny is when he is wet and you can see his skin under the hair he is completely spotted just like a dalmation! So his skin has color, just didn't turn out into the hair! Lisa H
  9. Oh boy this is a good topic. Diva is super sensitive to ALL sounds. Yes, even the ones on TV, the dogs barking don't bother her but any kind of squeeking noise? Like the Dyson commercial? Yup shes there staring at the TV. Thunder on the TV? She's got big pupils and that oh no not again look on her face. Yelling people on the TV, shes hiding in the bedroom. She shows a great deal of interest in the animal rescue shows, but then again so do my persians, everyone seems to like to watch those. Diva is so sound sensitive indoors that if the cats claw the couch Diva runs and hides cause she knows the cats are going to get scolded. The persians being the evil schemers they are love to knock things off the shelves just to watch the dog run for the bedroom. Diva is such a good dog she never even gets scolded, but you'd think she was yelled at constantly the way she reacts to these kind of noises. I have tried to reassure her when she gets spooky, but have made no progress there. Thank God we solved the lightening issue by simply putting a blanket over her when it thunders. Otherwise she would spend the early summer in hysterics. It still worries me to leave her at home if I have to when its summer storm season, not sure what would happen if she was left alone outside with no where to hide, gives me the willies just to think about it. On the other hand she is a super confident herding dog and is top dog among my females. I was a little worried Rags might pick up her flightiness being around her all the time but he is so laid back that nothing bothers him, wish his attitude would rub off on Diva sometimes! Actual TV watching is mostly done by the cats, some shows, like Bull riding just seem to mesmerize them. Not sure if its just the movement or the actual bull riding that gets them but they sure do love watching! lisa H
  10. yes I do rotate my dogs as much as I can. Even though I take them out to run daily I too find it beneficial to show extra attention to different dogs every day. I have two who LOVE toys, so they will get time for them and their toys. I have two who LOVE to go through the basics just for attention even though they could sit, stay, lie down etc in their sleep! My girls tend to scuffle if I don't give them some undivided attention a couple of times a week. As for going places, Diva and Rags go everywhere with me, in the summer i will take all eight, yes eight dogs in the van, to go into the hills to run and swim. Whew, always smells like wet dog all the way home! But they just love going someplace different. I love all my dogs and spending quality time with each of them just helps me in so many ways and it does improve their behavior. Lisa h
  11. Of my two house dogs, Diva is allowed to sleep with my husband and I whenever she wants, but usually she will only get on the bed after he leaves for work in the mornings. Especially if its cold out then she rushes in after her morning run and burrows up to my back to get warm. Rags went from being crated in our room, to being allowed to sleep on his blankie at the foot of the bed (on the floor), and now he is allowed to jump up on the bed to snuggle for a few minutes before I get up in the mornings. But since he is still young (5mos) he is only allowed up by invitation. Lisa h
  12. When introducing new dogs/pups to my pack no toys is the rule. Even though all my dogs play together every day toys can be a real problem. A toy usually ends up being the center of an all out war, dog fur a flying. So no toys for my bunch when they are together. I do have a couple of older bc's that grew up on ball fetching so they are taken out alone to play ball or squeeky toss. When we introduce a new pup or a visiting dog to my pack it is always a little at a time for a few days, usually outside the kennels at first, then one on one with the older dogs, a little longer each time until finally they can all be out together with the new dog/pup on a lead for a quick rescue if needed, then after a week or two if all goes well I let them all run together. I have never had any problems with this a little at a time method. Hope this helps some. I am so sorry you had such a traumatic start! Lets hope for better days ahead! Lisa
  13. 25 to 50 sounds very doable and was about was I was thinking. I do use my older dogs to correct the sheep if they get to pulling stuff on the young ones, I have one dog who can just look at them and they behave like angels for a week or two. He is my go to guy when they start behaving like buttheads! Yes sheep are smart, one of my last ones decided I needed protecting at all costs so I had to quit using her as she would attack the dogs and the other ewes if they got near me, Plus she followed me everywhere if she was out, dont have any Idea why, she wasnt bottle fed, just her thing I guess. So looks like I will be doing more fencing this spring so I can have patures to rotate for my 25 to 50 new sheep! Thanks again for your input, Lisa
  14. Thanks for all your input! I have had experience with Barbados and Suffolks and thats it. Can't wait to try somehthing else this spring. I am definitely leaning towards the Katahdins, with maybe a couple of St. Croix thrown in for good measure. Now another question, I have 6 dogs to work, three very experienced, sheep/cattle/duck dogs, two started 2 year olds, and Rags the 4 month old pup. I want to be able to keep the sheep fresh, so how many should I have? What is a good number to be able to have good working groups for all the dogs if I work my dogs at least 3 times a week, twice to three runs per dog? I don't want to end up with too few and have them wear out or become dog sour too quickly. Lisa
  15. Thanks for letting me know about the St Croix, I want light but not too light. A mixed herd would be ideal for me since my older dogs can work just about anything. Lisa
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