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O/T - DH's art works [pictures attached]

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Some of you were curious about the kind of work my DH does with concrete...so here's a couple of samples. And don't ask me HOW he does it...because I'm totally clueless about the process







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I just went back and looked at the first one (to be honest, the table pretty much got all my attention the first time....have I mentioned how much I *love* it?)


The first one is really spectacular, too. I can't even begin to guess how it was done. What is the scale of it? I am picturing it maybe 8-10 inches tall...

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Yes, he does have a knack for colour The sculpture is called 'Emergence'. As for size, I think it's around 12 inches high.


As for the table...it is for sale, but it weighs about 50kg [give or take]..not an easy thing to ship He made me a beautful round concrete dining table for Christmas one year. And while it's not the same as his artwork - I'm hoping for concrete countertops when I finally get time to renovate the kitchen

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