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Poppy Finally Holds His Tail Upright!

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Just this month he is holding it up and kind of over his back. Has he finally gotten more confidence? He used to keep it down all the time.

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About the tail: mine holds it both ways When he's chasing other dogs and prancing around or playing, he holds it over his back. When he's concentrated, he holds it low to the ground.

I guess he's bi :rolleyes:









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I had to wait around for Dazzle to put that little puppy tail DOWN! Now it is always down unless she is REALLY happy and not doing any kind of "work".


BUT, holding his tail up would mean that he is more confident - but for a BC, the usually hold their tails down. So.....

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Yeah it's mostly up and curled- not quite over his back, but kind of- when he is playing ball or walking.


Now when waiting for the ball to be thrown his tail, is down and he is crouched down ready to launch himself as soon as the ball leaves my hand...lol.

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