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Hi all - - This my first post to the board - -I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the many posts on here but have not seemed to have found one that answers my problem. I have recently rescued a wonderful year to year and a half oldBC/mix but I don't think she has ever been inside a house before. She was very frightened of doorways and won't go on stairs....With much patience we are getting her to be less afraid of them both but we are having trouble with the Pottying-outside theory. My previous dog was crate trained so I tried that path and she doesn't understand the theory and has messed in it even when only in it a few minutes...Does anyone have any tried and true methods for housebreaking an older dog like this? (When she gets outside she prefers to run and jump and play instead of doing her business....we always praise her tremendously when she does go potty outside - but she'll walk in the house and go too!! She is so good and SO SMART - but seems to be very stubborn about this topic!

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You might try when you take her out for a potty trip to take her out on leash and ignore her invitations to play, run, etc. AFTER she has gone potty, then throw a party with games, praise, treats, etc. Always take her to the same spot for a potty trip. That will help clue her in about what you want in the future.


When she is in the middle of peeing, you can say a word you want to use a cue in the future. I use "Get busy!" and now both dogs pee on command. Same process for #2--give your cue while she's in the middle of doing her business.


If she won't go potty, bring her in and tie the leash to you. The instant she looks like she might want to go, take her outside.


This sounds like a lot of work and a big pain in the neck and it is. :rolleyes: But after a little bit she will get the idea that when she goes out and you take her to a certain specific spot she is to go potty there and then the fun will happen.


Eventually, armed with your cue and your specific spot in the yard, you can take her out on leash, say your cue, and presto--No standing around in the rain or anything every again.


Hope that helps. I'm sure others will have ideas for you. (:


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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Make sure that you thoroughly clean the areas she's relieved herself on with an enzymatic cleaner - like Nature's Miracle or the like. Any odor left means "Oh, it's ok to pee here" and it's a bit confusing to the dog.


As well, take an old rag that you've cleaned up a pee with, and put that in the yard in the area that you do want her to use. That will help her get the same message as above, but it's where you want her to go. Don't remove it.


Put her on a schedule, first thing in the morning, right after eating or a nap or vigorous playing. For right now, YOU take her out, don't wait for her to tell you, you'll train that later. Keep her on leash and don't acknowledge her until she relieves herself, then throw that party!


Good luck, and thanks for taking her in.


Ruth n the BC3

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