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Top Ten Reasons to Breed Your Dog (Funny!)

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Very funny!


10. You thought the house was too orderly

9. You never did like having a full nights sleep

8. You wanted your Vet to get a new BMW

7. You thought the furniture looked way too nice and new

6. You just love the sounds of puppies in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, midnight, pre-dawn, etc.

5. Your garden and backyard needed renovations, and you didn't want to pay a gardener.

4. Your neighbours didn't complain enough

3. Your kids weren't enough of a challenge

2. If you can train & work one dog, why not ten more?

1. You wanted to see if your spouse really meant those vows.



Have a great Day.

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Huh! you are right, they all sound like good reasons to me! to have another 4 or 5 dogs, at least!! :rolleyes:

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Sorry, all I can think of is:


The pound doesn't have enough "extra" pups already.


Not funny - but too darned true.

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