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Hey My mom sent me this. Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of or tried these?



GATORADE: Relief of headache.


COLGATE TOOTHPASTE: Great as burn salve.


ALTOIDS: Stuffy nose.


HORSERADISH (1-Tbl) AND OLIVE OIL (1 cup): Let mixture sit for 30 minutes then use as massage oil for


aching muscles.


ALKA-SELTZER: Relieves U.T.I. almost instantly.... (NOT Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold)


HONEY AND A BANDAID: Blemish medicine.... Honey kills bacteria.


LISTERINE: Toenail fungus soak.


CLEAR NAIL POLISH: Prevents eyeglass screws from loosening.


COCA-COLA and BRUSH: Removes: rust and bugs on windshield and car.


FORMULA 409: Bug Killer.


ELMER'S GLUE ALL: Put on splinter. When it dries, peel off glue and splinter will come out too.


HUNT'S TOMATO PASTE: Cover boil as a compress.


LISTERINE: Broken blister balm.


HEINZ VINEGAR: Heal bruises. Cover with cloth soaked in vinegar for an hour.


DAWN DISH SOAP: Goodbye fleas. Use few drops in bath water.


BOUNCE FABRIC SOFTENER SHEET: Smelly dog odor.. Wipe down dog with sheet.


WESSON CORN OIL: Eliminates ear mites. Use for three days.


QUAKER OATS: 2 cups mixed in 1 cup of water, heat for 1 minute in microwave. Soothing arthritis pain rub..

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Originally posted by smileyzookie:

COCA-COLA and BRUSH: Removes: rust and bugs on windshield and car.

They did a segment on Myth Busters on Discovery Channel about the wierd things that Coca Cola does. I think rust was one of the tests, which the acid in the drink passed with flying colors!


It was scarry to watch, considering that we always have Diet Coke in the house!

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I had heard something once about a washer being dirty and clogged up and they used coke and it cleaned it.... eek, I cant imagine what that has to do to your body lol...lucky for me I drink juice. Although my hubby is a coke addict.


ETA : Ok that last part didnt sound good lol. My hubby is not a coke addict. He is a coke-cola lover. lol yikes, am I in trouble now lol.

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Any nail polish, especially old stuff, works like Lock-tight. Clear won't show. But if you're as old as I am, purple is fun. Clear is best for stopping runs in pantyhose - unless you're punk.


For a tension headache, put Vicks where it hurts. Sure, Tiger Balm is stronger, but Vicks is OK.


Honey & lemon is great for a cough or soar throat. A little bourbon in the spoon just makes it better.


A paste of baking soda and water takes the itch out of mosquito bites. Use meat tenderizer and water for bee or wasp stings.


Don't ever tell your doctor (they go balistic), but brown washing soap (Oxydol or Fels Naptha) stops poison ivy dead. Especially if you put rubbing alcohol on after.


My Lithuanian relatives swear by a small glass of beer with a teapoon of honey for about anything that bothers you. I prefer my Lithuanian beer straight, but this did perk us all up.

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