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Mouthy at play

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You could try stopping the play immediately when she gets mouthy. Turn your back, and wait a bit, maybe even walk away, then play again. Repeat as she is mouthy, she should figure it out pretty quick, mouthy=game over. You could try using the EHH-EHH sound to mark the undesirable behavior, if she responds to that, then turn away.


Good luck! Kristin, Hoku and Gussy

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Stop the game when and if she gets rough, using a "YIP" or "OUCH", and walking away is the classic answer, I believe. There's a lot to be said for this approach.


But with Bute, I had to grab the scruff of his neck and tell him to "cut it out" when he would get carried away. Anything milder produced no results. After a few sessions of being held by the scruff (front feet off the ground helps), given a light shake, and a verbal correction, he became the easiest pup I've had in terms of not being nippy or mouthy. There is something to be said about being direct and straightforward, and giving the dog an appropriate but unmistakeable message.


Not being consistent and direct, with follow-through, is one of my worse shortcomings. When I did this right with Bute, he became a pleasure because nippiness was no longer an issue.


I'm sure others will have better advice. Best wishes!

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