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Testing I think I'm back

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We've missed you! Great job rescuing Genie before she whelped. I'm sure the shelter was doing all they could for her, but a shelter environment is no place to have puppies! Looking forward to pictures as the pups grow!

Thanks everybody Genie is doing great. I was real lucky this wasnt her first litter and I had great rescue resources to help me. I talked to people as far away as my moms friend Diane in Fl. and Linda who talked me through the delivery. We were getting worried between pup 2 and 3 since it was taking a while and it was so great to have resources to help us since we were snowed in.

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Sheryl, glad to see you back! LOL These crazy puters! Who knew what would work?! How are the pups? That is a great testiment to Genie's personality that she let those 6 girls see her pups! Jill will be the "talk" of the playground for quite a while! How many get to invite friends for a sleep over AND have new puppies to show! LOL Still waiting on those tail shots!

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