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Wow, they never forget the clicker!

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I've had Violet, my adult BC, for almost a year now. Before that, she lived for about a year with some friends, one of whom found her as a stray. She's obviously purebred, and knew lots of obedience commands, so they searched for her owners but without success.


I've been taking puppy Faith to PetsMart for obedience class, and we're using a clicker. This morning, as I removed the clicker from my purse, I accidentally clicked it. Violet, who'd been snoozing several rooms away, came racing in and flung herself down in front of me, eyes locked on my face and clearly expecting a treat. :rolleyes: Which of course she got. :D


I know my friends never used a clicker with her, so it's been at least two years since she heard that sound, but the lapse sure hasn't slowed her reaction time down any. :D

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