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Me Over Reacting? Update on Blanket Eating

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Okay, so one week ago Zoey decided to snack on her fleece blanket. I noticed because she passed a little bit of it. A day later she passed a little more. I am not sure if that was all of it, but those were the only times I noticed any in her poop. There was never any vomitting, refusal to eat, or diarrhea.


This morning (one week later) she had diarrhea. It started solid and normal and then changed consistency. She has a very sensitive stomach as is. Hubby is watching her this morning and then he is off tomorrow to take her to the vet if need be.


I am stuck at work and am a stressed out overly worried mom. Any suggestions? Could the blanket cause this a whole week later, when she passed part of it(perhaps most of it) already?




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When one of our pooches ate a shoe, the vet said to watch him for 4-6 days but that most likely he would pass it within 3. The shoe included a leather lace. I would think that any blockage worries should have since passed but keep an eye on her bowel movements regardless. If her next one is iffy, I'd get her checked just to rest easily at night but as my vet said, you'd be surprised what they can pass!


I eventually found a leather laced poop!


Good luck!


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