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Happy Birthday Tiga!

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Tiga's birthday was on Sunday, but we were in Maine and Boston so he was at a friends place and didn't get to see him. :D But my little puppy is 2 now! I can't believe it!


The date is just one that we picked that would be close according to our vet and by when his teeth fell out and it's an easy date for me to remember because it was my late father's birthday.


He's growing up to be such a handsome boy. I'm kinda sad that he's growing up so fast, but he just keeps getting smarter and more loveable. I'm going to miss him sooo much when I go away. :rolleyes:


But as a happy side, he was sooo excited to see us when we got home, running back and forth between the 2 of us and letting out these whiney/crying sounds that he makes when he's excited to see us. It was so nice.


I'm really going to miss that when I'm gone, but I hope it's an even bigger reception from him when I get back. I hope he doesn't forget who I am, 9 months is a long time for a dog.


Wow, sorry about how long this ended up being all for a Happy Birthday to Tiga. I'm just kind of emotional right now. :D

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Happy birthday Tiga!!! I love when my animals are happy to see me. Makes you feel so loved :rolleyes:


You are a huge part of Tiga's life. I know he wont forget you. Take this for example. I lived with my parents after they got their dog Squirrel. A rottie (bc?) mix. I moved out about 2 or so years after they got her. I came back about 2 years later, and drove to my aunts house to see her. (My parents had to move to an apartment and they cant have dogs) She was outside, and I saw her when I drove up. She started barking, and as I was walking toward her, I said, "Squirrel". And literally it was like a light bulb clicked in her head and she jumped and jumped and wagged her little nub of a nail and whinned and was SO SO happy to see me. She was ESTATIC. This was 2 years later!! So, I hope that comforts you. Brings me to tears talking now. I live in Idaho and she's in Missouri :D I hadnt realized how much I miss her.

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