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Emergency! BC in SC needs help fast!

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This is Mel. He's a one year old male who was pulled from the Anderson, SC shelter about a month ago. He stayed a week in foster, and was then adopted out to a nice lady in Charleston SC. He is sweet and eager to please, but recently exhibited some resource guarding behavior that frightened his adopter into returning him to the rescue.


The adopter was standing on the neighbor's porch with Mel on lead when a child approached them and Mel grabbed the child's face in his teeth. He did not break the skin or leave any marks.


Mel also lunged at the Charleston rescue contact, growling, when she reached over to take something from his adopter's hand, and put his teeth on the rescue contact's arm, but again did not break the skin.


Other than those two incidents, Mel hasn't shown any aggression. The Charleston contact, with whom he's staying ATM, describes him as affectionate and happy go lucky and a typical BC.


We are a very small volunteer group and all our foster homes are pretty full at the moment. If an appropriate foster home can't be found for Mel by Saturday, the board has made the decision to put him down.


Apologies to the mods if this is the wrong forum to post this in, but given the emergency nature I wanted as many people as possible to see it in hopes someone might be able to help.


At present, Mel is near Charleston, SC but of course we would help with transport.


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Should have added, Mel is very high drive with cats, which is why the rescue contact in Charleston can't foster him as she has 6 felines at her house.


I really believe that Mel could be rehabilitated by someone who understands resource guarding behavior. I unfortunately can't take him, since I have a foster in quarantine and my little troll of a Lhasa - so no room at the inn.


WE've taken eight BC into foster over the holidays, so everyone else in the group is maxed out. Can somebody help?

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Can you get him here? I can't make any promises re: saving him for sure, but we can try - we have more room and leisure here and at least can give him a chance to do a job. Only bad thing is I can't travel further than Winston-Salem ATM as my toy truck is having scary clutch problems.

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Is there anyone in the Charlotte area or elsewhere who can help with a leg getting Mel from the state line or thereabouts, to Greensboro or Winston-Salem? This would be Friday.

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Shoot... I work all day Friday. I could come down after work?? I took the last two Fridays off so I can't take this one too. I get off work at 5:30 but would that be too late? Depending on where in Charlotte we meet and how much traffic there is it takes about an hour and a half.


I'd be willing to go to either Winston or Greensboro to drop him off (I don't know where Semora is).

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Y'all are all terrific. :cool: I knew Mel could count on finding some help on this board!


The last email I got from Sarah (Charleston rescue contact) says she's requested Friday off from work and is driving Mel the whole way herself. She is so thrilled not to have to put this dog down - she's grown fond of him, and even if she hadn't, we all know how awful it is to have to euthanize an animal. Not to mention a young one in good health.


Becca is an absolute hero for giving Mel a second chance! She ROCKS! :cool:

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