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My little spitfire

DeltaBluez Tess

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Hi All,


Here is my little spitfire, the redhead...aka DeltaBluez Jackie (Tess x Pleat)


She is 5.5 months old and this is her first time on sheep. She is fearless, hit low heels and will do a quick head grip. No cheap shots. Very pushy and full of herself. Squeezed b/w the fence and sheep to move them off the fence. Nice balance.


She is gonna be a star and best of all, she loves football. Will lie in your lap and watch every play. This is very important as Jeff is the other half and he likes a dog with good taste.




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She looks like a red Pleat. :rolleyes:


What kind of sheep do you use for puppy sheep? Not just breed, but what do you look for in attitude, how they work, etc. Then what do you "upgrade" to and why?


I'd be curious what others think, too.

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She does have amber eyes and when the sheep stood up to her, her eyes color got narrow (if that makes sense)....I really enjoy her quite a bit.


My sheep that I have are Clun Forest, Katahdin, Dorpers and Jacobs. I mainly use my Cluns for starting the pups out. They will move and do not stick to your legs like velcro. If a dog is weak, they will try to stand them off. They tried to stand off the Tess/peats pups when I worked them. They soon realized that moving was a better idea.


Jackie: put the fear of god in them

Raful: Move or I will bulldoze you

Neal: middle of road, eye and some finesse

Dan: Lots of finesse, wide worker, male version of Tess, read the stock the best for finesse


All the pups had no problems moving the Cluns, it was very interesting to see how each one moved them.


I look for sheep that will not stick to my legs, will move off, not mean, willing.


I have about 8-90 head of sheep so can rotate sheep for different trainings.


I like the Cluns, easy to feed, easy to keep, easy to work and very sweet and friendly sheep and great moms.

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Very interesting.


This is the first time I've started littermates together. It's been fun to see the differences at different stages. They've just gotten old enough to see what is probably a hint of their true mature method.


Your description of Neal reminds me of Ann. She's already showing some eye - that will be a first for me to work with. Jaff is starting just like my old Rick but he's getting a much better experience. There's a bit of the bulldozer in him but flashes of finesse. With some expert help and the experience I gained during my long road with Rick, we'll see the finesse.


Not to mention using the right stock. I'm just trying to get ideas on that front. I really don't feel confident working these pups on what I've got. I may end up with some KillerH goats after all. Ahem. :rolleyes:

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Here are our two spitfire littermates to Jackie- they are WILD! This is their second or third time on sheep, trying out the new fancy round pen...


Brice - He's super pushy about everything- he goes around with a half-swollen nose because the other dogs in the house constantly have to correct him for it...




and ....


Bess is more careful about sheep then Brice is but this pic doesn't really show her fast little legs off- she's getting huge- already 30 lbs and its all leg...



Jaime Green

Las Vegas,NV


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We are doing next to no training with our two. We take them out once every week or so and let them have sheep. Bess is already really "bending" around her sheep- with her there is no training just me being in the right place and my sheep like me. Mike's dog Brice is more direct, in chase mode when he works. At some point he will need to be pushed out a little but he's still very much a pup. We aren't putting any pressure on them or pushing them out at all. No downs, steady, or anything. Just encouraging them to go the right way. My sheep are good when I have the fat red ewe in there- she's their brain :rolleyes: ..




Neither pup is ready for anything serious, both are growing like weeds and sometimes have a hard time keeping their legs going all in the same direction .


Jaime Green


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Hi All,


no training on my part...took then monsters out to see sheep in a round pen since they were trying to dig under the gate to get to the flock.


Will take them into the round pen about 1-2x a month until a yr old. (no formal training)


Speaking of monster, gotta go and feed them!!



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