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Is there anyone here who lives, or who has been to Crater Lake, OR in the end of August? We changed our Yellowstone trip to Crater Lake. My best friend surprised me with Crater Lake (she's volunteered to pay for gas and camp site as my birthday pres :rolleyes: ), so Yellowstone is on the back burner lol. :D Anyway, is it snowing by then? What are the temperatures like?


Also, to anyone who has been, got any advice on where a great place to camp is, or extra's we may need? Anything? We are bringing Riven, but dont tell her she'll get excited and I'll never get anything done.


And, if anyone has any suggested stops between Boise, ID and Crater Lake, OR please feel free to suggest!

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I highly doubt you'll encounter snow. Some friends visited Crater Lake last month and they raved about it. I've always wanted to go so I'm a bit envious. All I ever do is travel to trials. I NEED A VACATION TOO. Wahh. Being self employed can be a bear. It's my busy season.

Hey, didn't you visit Mt. St. Helen and the coast earlier? Who said you could go galavanting around the countryside having more than your share of fun? Eh? Answer me young lady!




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Don't worry about snow. Crater Lake is a spectacular site...should be a wonder of the world.


For camping, you could stay at the State Park outside of Chiloquin (Collier State Park...good fishing around here) or you could travel west (230? 238? to 62) and stay at Union Creek and visit the Rogue Gorge (more mountainous....great hiking and forest). Are you tent camping or have a travel trailer? Diamond Lake is also close by and quite nice...haven't camped there but visited and it looked nice.

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LOL :D:D Thank you for making me laugh, Ive had a crappy day lol. Im making up in travel for all my years growing up we were too poor to do anything. :rolleyes:


OOOO great info! We are tent camping. Im too poor for a trailer lol. I needed camp names and now I have some, thanks!! :D I'll call and reserve some tomorrow

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