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Anyone have good success with Lupine brand collars and leashes? The manufacturer says guaranteed 100% if chewed through. Cody definitely still likes to grab the leash in his mouth and has already destroyed two other leashes. He is getting better with "drop it" but not 100% so the leashes look like heck after only a week. Thanks.

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Hi Liz,


On the Lupine website www.lupinepet.com it says



"Even If Chewed"


Finally, a guarantee with teeth! We understand the joys and frustrations of pet ownership - and while we can't replace the legs on your kitchen table or your best pair of shoes, we can do our part to help keep your best friend out of the doghouse.


Should anything happen to damage your Lupine product -

including chewing -

you can:


Try contacting your retailer to see if they are able to replace the item for you.


Mail it back to us at:

Lupine Returns

PO Box 1600

Conway, NH 03818

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Originally posted by nowwown:



Wow, that's really neat. Wish I had known that before I bought a back-up leash for Quinn. As I said, he's much easier on his leashes these days, but I figure the leash will get ratty eventually and need to be replaced before his way cool collar wears out. He wears the Moose Mania one (I also really liked the trout one) and my Lhasa sports the red and black one with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs on it. The quality is great and they're very sturdy. Quinn's previous collar did not hold up to a sudden lunge from him in agility class.
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The guarantee is definitely true. My brother lives near Conway. In fact, I think that's where he gets his brewing supplies. SO he's used Lupine stuff for a long time.


Years ago, he got either a collor or leash for his husky. After she died, he used it on Keebo (he said her breed was Brown). He lived at least 15 years. Then Al started using the thing for Varna, their new husky. After about 2 years, Varna chewed it.


As a joke, Al brought it to Lupine on a Conway trip. He laughed and said he guessed it really was possible to destroy the stuff. They have him a new one!


Oh, and they don't run in ocean, pond, or heavy rain.

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I too have had first hand experience w/ the guarantee - my parents' cat managed to snag the material on his Lupine collar while scratching himself. We had no trouble returning it for a replacement.


I also use their small (3/8") collar on Maggie - it damages her fur less but is big enough for her which is hard to find in the tiny widths, it's also very sturdy despite its size.


The collars do nicely in the wash as well - I've thrown the collars in several times and they come out looking like new.

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