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O.T. Morels and dogs

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One of my favorite springtime activities is rapidly approaching which is the Morel season.

Last year was Thunderbolts second season to get to tag along and he loved every minute of it, in fact I honestly believe he thinks its time to go now.

We use boats to access our best hunting grounds along the Missouri river and this morning when I told the dogs to load up for a trip to the feed store instead of heading to the jeep Tbolt went and jumped into the boat and did not want to get out,he just gave me that look like "ok lets get this thing in the water theres mushrooms to be found!"

(I wonder if he knows something I don't?)

I've heard tales of old timers training dogs to find morels and I do know that in europe there have been some dogs trained to hunt truffles, but I have yet to actually see a dog effectively hunt morels,I think with Tbolt its more about the adventure of new woods to explore and getting to hang out all day with the boys.


Anyway I was just curious if there are any other morel hunters lurking on the boards, I would love to hear of any finds.

The gang I hunt with all have been hunting morels since we were kids and we most always find an abundance around this part of the country.

The weather has been so out of wack here that we are thinking we might need to start hunting abit earlier then usual.

Tbolt is back up sitting in the boat right now,lol so I dunno,,now if I see him get one of my collecting sacks out then I'll probably take his advice and hook the boat up and head out,

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I used to go morel hunting when I lived in Michigan but I was never very good at it.


Then one day I was at my dad's and spotted this HUGE morel growing by the deck. I picked it and his jaw dropped when he came home. He put it in a quart canning jar and had to squish it down just a bit to get the lid on. It was HUGE. He brought it to work the next day and showed all the guys.


They still talk about the HUGE morel I found. I guess it makes up for all the ones I missed over the years. :rolleyes:

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