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My Roxie's Parents

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My sister and I rescued/adopted two pups from the same litter, Mom was listed as an australian Shepherd and dad as a border collie. I LOVE my pup and nothing is going to change my mind. LOL Mom as an Aussie might be stretching it, but lady claimed she was working stock, not show. Daddy, well I can see that. What do you guys think? Back ground is, neighbors border collie jumped the fence. Here is a picture of them together.


Mom is the grey, dad is the black/white



My dog is Black white, my sister's is the grey, same litter siblings




I just don't see the intensity. She is very smart. But I wanted a little higher drive. I love her to death, but I think I will try again for another Border collie later in life.


Gus, my sister's pup (grey), comes over everyday for puppy daycare. LOL

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How old is your Roxie?


Sometimes the intensity doesn't catch on until later. My Rune is coming up on 6 months, and three days ago I would have sworn she'll never fetch me a thing. The next night at the park a ball got dropped at my feet....Surely, i thought, this must be a fluke. So, I threw it. She went and got it, and brought it back, and turned on the 'eye' to have it thrown again. I spent the rest of the afternoon off and on throwing it for her! And today, I thought I might have caught her 'stalking' some dogs belting towards her from the bottom of the field.


So, give here a little time. They certainly can surprise you!

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Roxie will be 5 months on June 25th.


THat is good to know, she does get the zoomies and she is a bit obsessed with all forms of water. LOL


She is playing a bit of fetch for now. An my god you should see the jumps she can make. I don't have her do any of them, but she leaps onto the bed, over the picnic table and over my six year old (he was sitting outside). She likes to make up her own zoom courses.


I bet your right Sarah



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