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Snorri. . .odd dream

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I had an odd dream last night/this morning.

I dreamt I met Kali. He was with a young man, and another dog but I cant remember what they looked like. Jen, Kaie and I were walking near a beach house when I saw them in the distance. A BC! So of course I went over to say hello. I got close and bent down to pet him and was like "I know this dog." The guy said, oh yea we hang out. . and we both said the BC boards at the same time. I introduced myself as Prosperia. And he told me that the dog's name was Kali.

And that was pretty much it.

I had to search the name this morning to figure out who it was, but he looked exactly like he did in the dream (freckled blaze, blue eyes).. . .wierd.

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