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A little concerned about my new adoptee.

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He was laid back at the kennel. And he's laid back at home. He sleeps _all the time_


He won't get excited, you can't rev him up at all.


He's only "mildly aware" when I or my wife get home.


Doesn't chew anything, disinterested in toys, and not overly hot for treats, but he eats and drinks OK.


He was neutered Wednesday... and I know that makes them a little woozy, but I've never had a dog act this... malleable after getting fixed.


Also, he hasn't barked growled or whined ONCE. Not in the kennel sleeping, not when other dogs barked at him, or growled at him.


He _always_ comes when called.


He's a rescue that came from a home with 3 dogs.


I don't believe he has had a bowel movement since we've had him.


I have a vet appt set up, but the soonest they can see him is Monday.


Does this sound like a normal 'honeymoon' behavior for a BC, or should I pressure the vet for a squeeze in?

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This was his first or second day home with you? I wouldn't be concerned about any of it, other than the bowel movement. For that, try giving him some canned pumpkin (not the pie filling stuff, 100% pumpkin). It's good for constipation.


Just imagine the changes he's going through. He will need a lot more time to settle in and feel at home. So, yes, this is a honeymoon period, and you'll probably see a much different dog in a week or two. In fact, I've heard of re-homed bcs taking a full year to really come into their own, so to speak.


I'm sure Rezso will be just fine. The vet appointment will probably put your worries to rest. I hope he and you are both feeling happier soon. Hang in there!

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Sounds like he might be a little overwhelmed with all the changes; he probably just needs a little time. The vet check is a good idea. With the variety of toys and treats available, I'm sure you'll find something to motivate him - whether it's a squeaky toy, soft toy, frisbee, ball, or whatever. One of my dogs turns her nose up at dog treats/biscuits but will do anything for a piece of banana!

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With a rescue that we had once when we first took her in was like that too. She also didn't have a bowel movement for several days.


After a week she really became quite happy and was acting like a healthy dog should. She barked at the door, started to love tennis balls, etc.


I would still go the vet though just to be sure (as you ALWAYS should). But this isn't all that strange for a new 'older' dog to go though.

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He's much more energetic today than the last few days. He'll run and jump now.


His appetite is very small, and he eats almost nothing, aside from cardboard. (Making it hard to feed him the antibiotics which can't be taken on an empty tummy.) And he still makes a weird chuffing noise in his nose (Probably just has a stuffy nose.)


But he's definitely coming around.

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