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Border Collie Name

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Thats a great name!!! I like the idea of you having a Celtic name. I have always had short names for all my dogs. And got in the habit of shorting them up more like "Gypsy" had ended up to be "Gyp". Lets us know when you get a dog and the name you decided on.

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My dogs both have nicknames they come to equally well lol

Kole comes to "Boo Boo" or "Boo Bear" lol


Dally comes to "Dally Op" "Hush-Hush Pup" and "Hush-Hush"(because my parents dont yet know about her... :rolleyes: ) She also comes to "Short Stack" and "Tulip" (She has a tulip marking on her side lol)


My Cats even have nicknames :D lol

Tango comes to "Tanquerey" "Tangorey" "Lil Tigress" "Cowgirl Up" and "Wild Thang"


Docee comes to "Demon Kitty" and "Lil Black Thang"


Lol so I guess I tend to lengthen and.. change my pet's names lol :D

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