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VBCA Summer Trial results


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Another VBCA Summer trial behind us - hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We couldn't have had better weather!

Congrats to the winners (The Billadeaus cleaned up on the ribbons!)

Saturday NN

1 Peggy Wilkinson Holly 76

2 Peggy Wilkinson Sis 75

3 Peggy Wilkinson Buzz 74

4 Peter Hall Doc 69

5 Andre Pelletier Champ 68

6 Peter Hall Cap 64


Saturday PN

1 David Clark Clair 72

2 Doug Brewer Tess 70

3 Renee Billadeau Bette 69

4 Lena Bailey Hemp 62

5 Sam Furman Cord 62

6 Doug Brewer Nan 60


Saturday Ranch

1 Mark Billadeau Jody 84

2 Kay Sander Nike 76

3 Roy Johnson Chip 73

4 Randy Munford Vic 71

5 Debbie Johnson Abby 69

6 Susan Rhoades Bill 64


Saturday Open

1 Tom Lacy Megan 95

2 Robin French Jet 89

3 Sam Furman Tucker 88

4 Tom Lacy Peg 88

5 Judy Mason Ben 86

6 Carla King Emma 84


Sunday NN

1 Mary Calley Bosco 76

2 Peter Hall Cap 68

3 Peggy Wilkinson Holly 63

4 Laurie Anderson Pod 59

5 Peggy Wilkinson Buzz 57

6 Laurie Anderson Cooper 52


Sunday PN

1 Renee Billadeau Bette 77

2 Doug Brewer Nan 76

3 Lena Bailey Hemp 75

4 Rae Rogers Toby 75

5 David Clark Clair 75

6 Skip Robinson Gal 66


Sunday Ranch

2 Mark Billadeau Jody 76

1 Kay Sander Nike 76

3 Carol Calhoun Kim 73

4 Susan Rhoades Bill 72

5 Dan King Jig 60

6 Judy Mason Bree 56


Sunday Open

1 Roy Johnson Sonny 94

2 Tom Wilson Whip 91

3 Renee Billadeau Rae 88

4 Tom Lacy Megan 88

5 Renee Billadeau Starr 87

6 Tom Lacy Peg 85

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Congrats to Laurie and her good dogs! Also our other board members Mark and Renee, Sam, Robin, and Dan! And DebP's hubby, Andre!


And how about Tom Lacy and my absolutely favorite trial dog, Megan, with a blazing 95 on Saturday for first and an 88 on Sunday for fourth place!

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Thanks, Kristi and Sue! It was truly a fun (and humbling)learning experience! I've attended trials at two farms this year that will probably never host a trial again - this one (at Hoffmans' farm) and the Blue Ridge Classic at Ethel Conrad's farm. Both beautiful locations! Such a shame...

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I "grew up" at Hoffmans, me and old Luke, and I have to tell you, it was hard to leave this time. Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman and Jeff, and their whole family opened their farm to us for the last 14 years and that's a true gift, and I hope anyone who truly appreciates having this privilege will take a minute and write them a thank you (and mail it!). Being at their place was magical for me, I loved ALL their sheep, even the fun ones, old Buddy and Boomer (both passed away this year), the red clay that makes my dogs pink for a month, the foggy mornings, snow in the winter, summer storms...time to move on and find a home for some new memories.

Thanks also to everyone who shared lunch with us at the church and supported the VBCA by attending the annual meeting. It was a good meeting, and I'm looking forward to the coming year.

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