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Copped from sheepdog-l


Placing Dog Qualifying Score


1st Heidi 119 Derek Fisher/Idaho

2nd Moss 110 Candy Kennedy/California

3rd Sweep 101 Alasdair Macrae/Virginia

4th Ned 92 Red Oliver/Texas

5th Nap 87 Stu Ligon/Virginia

6th Roy 79 Stormy Winters/Alberta

7th Dan 76 Bill Berhow/Montana

8th Bess 73 Tony Stewart/Kansas

9th Reba 67 Leo Woodbury/Texas

10th Gunner Retired No Score Angie Pickle/Oklahoma

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Yup, we went, we saw and we were amazed! That list of scores and names just doesn't give you any kind of picture of the incredible event. If you EVER get a chance, GO!!!


Haven't much time at the moment, but a few notables: Derek's and Alasdair's "look back" is what won it for them, and Candy's pen was absolutely beautiful (maybe that female/patience thing?).


Outruns: the field was nearly 1/4 miles long on two sides (sort of triangle shaped); the outruns were phenomenal. In the finals, the second fetch was incredibly hard for many fine dogs - "look back" didn't work if they only went straight back to where the first ten sheep were; the second were "hiding" in the second point of the triangle. Penning five collared sheep out of 20 took the most time for many folks, and definitely separated the top few from the others.


Slightly ironic/sad/funny thing: a Celtic bagpipe/drum band played in the final procession for prizes; Derek's Heidi, closest to them, obviously didn't like their music! Poor thing was totally freaked. Derek finally carried her around a bit and got the band a bit away. Quite moving. Loved her sheep, hated the drums and pipes!


I learned tons, didn't get bit by the bug (yet...) and am overwhelmingly glad I went!

Perhaps more later.



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