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Blue Ridge Classic SDT

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Blue Ridge Classic SDT at Sunnybrook Farm

May 27 & 28, 2006

Sanctioned by: USBCHA & VBCA

This is a VBCA Club trial, all proceeds will benefit the club, no pay backs. Please volunteer at the bottom of the entry form!

Please make checks payable to: VBCA

Entries open May 1. Taking entries until filled. Cancel by May 16.

Open $22.00, Ranch $19.00, Pro Novice $17.00, Novice $17.00 (Limit 2 dogs per class) Nursery will be run if time permits.

Send entries to and direct all questions to:

Stacy Scott 455 Old Hollow Rd, Sperryville, VA 22740

Stacy@metamet.com, 540-987-7279 (Please do not contact Mrs. Conrad)

Trial will be on two fields. If a handler misses a run because they were running at the other field they will be slotted in, however if a handler is not on site they will not be given a re-run.

Concessions on site-proceeds to benefit 2007 National Finals Committee. Dinner Saturday night in Stephens City

Sunnybrook Farm is located at 303 Stonebridge Rd in White Post, VA. There are several hotels in Stephens City.

Owner / Handler Dog Age Sex Class Sat Sun Cost







Total enclosed__________


I understand that I am responsible for any cost incurred as a result of damages caused by me or my family or my dogs to facilities, animals or persons and that in the event of personal injury, damage to my property or animals, I will not hold the Sunnybrook Farm, the owners, operators, employees, workers responsible.

Signature_____________________________Date__________________________ Address__________________________________________________________




I would like to help :Setup :Post Scores :Clerk :Put out :Tear down :Hold sheep (please circle one, you will be contacted before the trial to let you know what you will be doing!)

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Deb P - I would LOVE to help. I think I could be there on Friday to help with set-up, and could post or clerk on Saturday. Or, I could help with set-out on Saturday but Celt and I are not able to hold sheep at this point (we are working on that skill - it will be a while, if ever). I can't be there on Sunday as I'll have to drive home on Saturday evening, I expect. I'll check it out.


I've missed seeing you at lessons. I think you were just getting there as we were getting in Hope's car to leave a couple of Saturdays ago. You and Andre were coming to get lessons with Wink, and we had just finished with Susan.


Maybe I'll get a chance to talk to you some time. Best wishes!

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DebP - I talked to Ed about it and he said it was a go! I can be there Friday morning, say about 9 or so, or whenever needed.


I am working up my courage to enter Celt in Novice on Saturday only so, other than that, I'll be free to help at any and everything you need on Saturday, although I probably need to head home by 5 pm or so.

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