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Finals in South Dakota?

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Piece of cake for someone who just drove that distance to visit folks in NC! :rolleyes: I'm can't be too sympathetic when it's nearly 1800 miles for me (1779 to be exact).


Oh, and since the whole title of this thread doesn't show up on the TOC, you may want to change it to something like "Who's going to finals" and maybe even post it in the Handler's Tent section if you want folks to see it and reply.



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hey miz:

maybe you can catch a ride with some lucky person who gets to go from your neck of the woods? I would love to go- acutally, would LOVE to go the the world competition- how COOL is that? Anyway, if you chip in on gas, and they are going anyway, how could they refuse, I mean you just drove HOW MANY miles to hang out with BC's and BC people? Not sure when of if they have announced who is going, but then is your best bet to find out Wish I were ANYWHERE closer :rolleyes:


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