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OT - Kris these are for you!

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That DOES look like a nice tent. My hubby is trying to talk me into buying one (or at least trying one out). I keep telling him I hate tents - he keeps telling me I haven't tried the RIGHT tent yet. I'm wondering how long it will take before he gets the point?? LOL


And yes... they are crazy, aren't they?!

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Can you tell me what kind/model tent that is?
It is a Greatlands, 3 room, screen porch tent. Supposedly sleeps 7-8 people. Don't know about that as it has only had me and Dublin in it so far, but boy did we have room to spread out.


It also says it is waterpoof, which, by the way, is a LIE!! But I digress...it is a nice tent and great if you have the room to set it up and at least 2 people. (Dublin isn't much help in the setting up tents department). My friend bought it for me for my birthday after our catostrophic tent failure on last year's camping trip. Not being a fan of being eaten alive by the pesky mosquito, the screened porch was a big selling point.


I am actually looking to get something smaller for when I camp out at trials or anytime it is just me and Dublin.

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Hey, nice to see it set up - fly and all! Glad you finally figured it out! As for who designs them...well WE KNOW it wasn't anyone with ANY sense of practicality [hm..is that a real word??] :rolleyes:

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