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Puppy chow vs. Adult food


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If he likes the adult food, then feed it. There's no real reason to feed puppy food and many folks don't bother. I have yet to raise a pup on anything other than adult food--and they have all turned out just fine. It's best not to encourage rapid growth in a pup, because it can lead to health issues later.


If you do a search (see search link at upper right), you'll find all sorts of discussions on food and feeding. Use search terms like "puppy" and "feed" and you'll find plenty of information.



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Puppy_Love - I think you'll find that Science Diet is not a preferred food for members on this list. I've read the ingredients and feel it's made of cheap components that aren't a very good source of nutrition for dogs. There are many alternatives that are made from higher-quality ingredients (animal protein sources, less allergenic sources, etc.) on the market today. A search will reveal many of those that are made from quality ingredients and that folks have had very good success feeding.


Best wishes!

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Do a search on some of our nutrition discussions and you'll find a wealth of info.


Here's another link:




I feed my dogs raw and a variety of kibbles - Evo, Nature's Variety, Eagle Pack, Nature's balance, Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul,

Canidae, there are a few others, but I stay away from Science Diet and most (not all) Purina products

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