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Goose poop


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I just learned the hard way: goose poop is off the list of field treats.


One evening, Fergie threw up her dinner as soon as she ate it. Solid kibble and some clear liquid. On the den carpet, of course. We cleaned it up, then went searching and found two places (rungs, of course) where she's upped a small bit.


No food until morning. Then she got a scant half cup of kibble. Then we made our breakfast, which includes cut fruit. And Ferg loves the bits of watermellon from the rind (the pink stuff). So she got a few pieces. When we went to walk her, we found clear liquid and watermellon pieces on the front rug.


No food the rest of the day. Usually just letting her tummy rest works. She drank some water while we made dinner. Before we could sit down, the hall was awash. Didn't know a dog could hold that much.


Nothing all night. To the vet in the morning. No obstructions, bloodwork showed no infections.


The vet says it's the goose poop from the up to 36 Canada geese who have just arrived and visit the pond and field where we walk. He says goose poop makes dogs vomit.


So, we're hoping the $200 is all this lesson costs. The rugs and the carpet may survive.


No more scarfing treats as we walk!

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Well, she's stopped vomitting. But now, a week later, she's got really loose stools. I expect it's Giardiasis.


The Merck manual says there's no treatment, then describes what seems to be treatment. So I'm confused.


I have given her canned pumpkin, which seems to be helping. And she's still on the ID prescription food from the vet. I suspect this is what she had last year. And all the vet did then was put her on those cans.


We are definitely keeping her away from the goose poop. Although we sure let her chase those @#$%^ed birds. Hope they move to one of the other ponds around here.

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