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Muzzle scratching

Bandits Dad

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Lately my four year old BC has been violently scratching his muzzle, just in the whisker area on the left side.


He digs at it so hard that the base of the whiskers get red and inflamed, even to the point of bleeding at times. He started this a few months back, and does it several times a day.


I am completely baffled by this, anyone have any suggestions?? :confused:



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Could his teeth be bothering him? Tiga was doing this when we first got him and couldn't figure it out. The first thing the vet looked for was teeth problems. Turns out for us it was allergy related, so it could be that too. I'd take him to the vet and have them take a look.

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We had a similar problem years ago with our last BC. She would scratch her nose raw and would go outside and rub her muzzle on the ground and the fence.


It turned out that she had a tooth that was broken and infected, which was also infecting her muzzle from the inside.


She needed antibiotics and the tooth pulled and it all cleared up.


Don't know if this is your problem but may be something to look into.

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