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  1. Thanks all, I will check those possibilities with my vet. I was at a loss. Thanks again, Rich
  2. Lately my four year old BC has been violently scratching his muzzle, just in the whisker area on the left side. He digs at it so hard that the base of the whiskers get red and inflamed, even to the point of bleeding at times. He started this a few months back, and does it several times a day. I am completely baffled by this, anyone have any suggestions?? :confused: Rich
  3. I have heard a lot of talk recently about giving dogs Benedryl to calm them for the fourth. Has anyone else heard this? I am tired of giving the vet $50 for a visit just so he can SELL me a couple of pills. Some folks on the radio said .25 mg max, what do you all say? Fatty
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