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Mine took longer. They had a mix up and said they sent them to the person who was hosting the clinic per my request. I did not request it. And the person it was supposedly sent to never recieved it. So I had to fax them a signed note that I was really the dog's owner and they could send me the results. I got them finally. Don't know if this was a typical problem or not. I

wouldn't wait too long too call them and check.



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Mine took two weeks to get results via e-mail. I have friend that requested the results regular mail and it took about a week or two longer. I had two dogs done at a 20/20 clinic and one I sent in through my vet.


Yes, you do get a certificate if your dog is CEA Normal (clear). I've heard some talk about whether or not Optigen will possibly give certificates if your dog is CEA Normal by parentage (both parents tested as Normal).

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I got my results (well, my dogs' results) in a few weeks by mail. I don't think it took but about a week or so longer than my friend, who got hers by e-mail. The "fancy certificates" came a bit later. Hmmmm...wonder where they are? :rolleyes: Personally, I don't think the certificates are a little silly--it's not as if your dog has won a contest or achieved special recognition, after all. All I need is the note that has the test results on it. As for the offspring of normal parents, maybe the way to show proof would be to have the clear designation included on pedigrees--then your own dog's pedigree would clearly show parents as normal, and that would be all the proof you need.



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