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hormones in dog foods


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I am wondering about dog foods containing hormones used as growth stimulators in chicken or lamb for example. I have heard that these added hormones can affect a bitch's heat cycle and ability to conceive.


I feed California Natural Chicken and Rice and they state on their website: "Our ingredients are not organically grown, but are human grade and tested by routine sample to be free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and chemical preservatives to laboratory standards."


The "to laboratory standards" part worries me. Does that mean that according to some governing body like AAFCO, they can state "hormone free" because they have less than the allowable amount? I called Natura to find out, but their nutritionist was in a meeting and so is going to call me back with the answer.


Then there is the question of raw store bought chicken. Would that also be detremental to a bitch because, unless it is "organic" it most certainly does have hormones in it.

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If "to laboratory standards" is defined by law then the answer should be here: FSIS.


This is the US stance on the use of hormones in beaf: USMEF Factsheet Hormone Use


USMEF Backgrounder Hormone Use


This UMinn Extension website discusses data on measured hormone levels (with and without supliments) in beef.

Animal Products: Contributors to a Safe Food Supply


These are from one side of the issue.



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I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to use hormones on poultry in the US or Canada, not sure about antibiotic levels. I won't feed store-bought meat raw, I just cook it first, and I always try to buy as natural as possible (organic meat is very tough to find in stores near me). I think most of the reputable natural premium foods like Natura try to use as human-grade as possible. I believe Beef is the most hormone-laden as far as the usual meats in the US go, I generally avoid it unless it specifically states "hormone-free, antibiotic-free, range-fed", etc. Coleman beef (and pork) and Amish poultry are what I usually end up with, and i STILL cook it to be sure. Raw Organic veggies are a lot easier to find and feed.

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For anyone concerned about feeding beef with hormones, you can sometimes find hormone-free dairies (which are much easier to find than hormone-free beef farms at present), which offer culls to raw feeders. There's one of these near Charlotte, for instance - they'll even grind the bones in if you are squeamish about feeding whole bones. The price is no more than 59 cents a pound, not including the cost of driving there. Can't beat it with a stick.


I've found organic, humanely raised rabbit and pork for les than $1 a pound. And of course lamb is easy to find for us - and ducks! :rolleyes:


I've had to look into all these sources lately since Ben has developed an allergy to chicken simultaneously with his becoming hypothyroid. I've been surprised at everything that's out there. Our entire family might start eating more of these humanely-raised products of family farms once things settle down here a bit.


I've been so encouraged at what I've found that I've started urging everyone I know to support these local farmers whenever possible. There's a multitude of reasons - it helps you, your family, your local economy, etc, etc.

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No, I don't believe that cooking it takes care of it - but I hope it helps a bit. As I said, I won't buy any meat that doesn't specifically state that it is hormone/antibiotic-free anyway, and then I even cook that. I also worry a lot about the whole meat-cutting/processing/transporting thing and the cleanliness of everything involved.


I do feed some raw organic meats when I find them.


I'm a little paranoid but it can't hurt my dogs to be too careful. I don't have any problems with other people feeding raw from the supermarket, just not brave enough to try it.


I haven't found any good sources of local,organic meats in my immediate area, but I keep looking.

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I had my vet question the whole cleanliness thing (Salmonella and the like) in raw meats from the grocery store, but I guess I take the more pragmatic view that my dogs already eat sheep, chicken, ___________ (fill in the blank)manure, drink out of skanky mudpuddles, and so on, so I find it a bit hard to believe that meat that is less than pristine as far as the presence of bacteria is concerned could be a huge health concern to them.


I prefer to find hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, but beyond that I don't worry about the dogs picking up a pathogen from uncooked meats.


(It's kind of like a child-rearing philosophy: You can either try to protect your kids from all possible illness by not letting them mingle with others, constantly cleaning their hands with antibacterial soap, etc., or you can let them be kids and expect that they will be healthier for having been exposed to the occasional bug.... I would choose the latter myself.)



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