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upcoming health clinics in NC


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Two different upcoming clinics (sorry they're at ACK shows - it'll be entertaining for sure!):


1.) Event for: Carolina Kennel Club Health Clinic, Greensboro, NC

Event Date: 08/13/2005


To be held on:

Saturday, August 13, 2005 Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC In conjunction with the Carolina Kennel Club AKC show on that day.


The expected hours are 9 am to 4 pm. Some clinics may offer litter rates, see the individual clinician for more information on litter rates. No pre-registeration necessary.


We will have Dr. Suzanne Hughes DVM (certified to doing Baer test) Baer hearing test @ $45 / dog;

Dr. Kathleen Brown DVM (board certified cardiologist) will do the OFA Heart certification

(auscultation) Clinic, @ $40/dog;

Dr. David Harling will have the Eye CERF clinic again this year @ $25/dog.


Contact Kay Lackey (CKC Secretary) for more information on the clinics hopehillrot@yahoo.com or ckcsecretary@carolinakennelclub.com




2.) Event for: Durham Kennel Club

Event Date: 09/03/2005

Email Address: workingdogs@earthlink.net


CERF clinic, cardiac clinic, Optigen clinic, Vetgen clinic, tattoo clinic and CAR micrchip clinic. The cardiac, Optigen and Vetgen clinics will be registered with OFA. These will be held as part of our show during the Labor Day circuit. AKC regulations do not allow puppies under 6 months old on show grounds. For more information check the Durham Kennel Club website at http://www.durhamkennelclub.com

after July 1, 2005 or contact Jan Gray at the email address above.

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Originally posted by rtphokie:

Two different upcoming clinics (sorry they're at ACK shows - --

Just a remninder that we are doing a CEA DNA 20/20 clinic at th VBCA fun Sheepdog trial in Berryville, VA on July 23 - and I hear that we may also have an Opthalmologist coming to do a CERF clinic as well. Also, the Lacy's are hosting a CERF/Tatoo/BAER test at their place near Richmond, VA in September in conjunction with their Herding trial. www.lacysbordercollies.com
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