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lupus dx: holistic medicine suggestions?


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our older (9 yrs) female bc was just dx with discoid lupus erythematosus--her nose is dry, cracked and occasionally bleeding. We are using the cream rx'ed by the vet, but I am looking for any other bc owners who maybe had this condition, and any other suggestions of what we could try--holistic type treatments, etc.

any suggestions would be helpful!

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Hi Dextersman:



I have an excellent homemade supplement that is cheap to make, that can help some dogs with this, that was originally developed by Wendy Volhard.


You also might want to consider using Astragulus, which is an adaptogen and will balance out the immune system. Astragulus brings it back down into balance or brings it back up into balance.


My one Border Collie developed an autoimmune problem 4 years ago, and the Astragulus brought her under control.


If you are intersted in the supplement email me privately and I can provide you with the recipe.


Also,I don't know what you are feeding your dog, but most holistic vets stress the importance of a natural, raw diet for dogs wtih immune problems, as you then are in control of what is going into your dog's bod.

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