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I bought a book for animal first aids and took a CPR class a few months ago.


yesterday, Jazzy was eating soft liver soup and started breathing funny. It didn't seem like she was choking but she was trying to breath better thru her nose - almost like she had some water in her nose. Again, I freaked out, tried to remember what was in the book, checked her heart (really fast), made sure she was breathing. I gave some breaths into her nose to clear up whatever might be in the path. I put my fingers in her mouth to encourage her to throw up if that was what was necessary. I pressed her tummy for the same reason. I didn't know what I was doing but was just trying anything I could think of. I called my vet(s) but couldn't reach them. I was going to take her to emergency but by the time I was ready to leave, she was fine. I don't know if she was choking or what. But if something like this ever happened, what kind of first aid would you recommend me doing? Thank you.

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Could it be that she was just doing that thing that many people refer to as a "reverse sneeze"? Kind of sucking air in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth? If that was it, usually just getting the dog's attention (or putting its attention on something else) will stop it.



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As a Pet Trainer and retired medical professional who has taught CPR for people for about 26 yrs., and soon will be teaching Pet CPR...

The 1st thing you need to do is review the CPR book you currently have from your class. Sit when it is quiet and really try to take in what you read. Taking a class once is helpful to be sure, however in a real emergency you become so stressed that you forget most of what you learned.

NEVER.... practice on a living creature or person... but if you have a stuffed animal doggy get it and follow the steps in your book. Do this every now and then. If you simply learn and remember the 3 steps of CPR, are, "ABC" ... AIRWAY, BREATHING AND CIRCULATION (ABC),you will be more likely to remember what "ABC" stands for in an emergency.

In addition... go to ask Jeeves.com , type in Pet CPR....at bottom of 1st page you will see a web page called... CPR & Emergencies (called.. get your birdbrains...) click on it....then click on CPR.. dogs and cats.

This is an excellent illustration and explanation that should be easy to read... PRINT IT OUT AND KEEP IT ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR KITCHEN CABINET DOOR ! FOR HANDY REFERENCE...

The absolute most important aspect of any emergency is to STAY CALM !!! unfortunately you cannot practice this... BUT if you are more confident of what you are doing you can proceed and possibly save a life....

Hope this helps.... Joe Anne (retired Respiratory Therapist)

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Thanks Joe Anne for the excellent advice and the CPR for pets link!


I have printed it out and will post it inside my kitchen cabinet.


My parents have always had Boston Terriers and one of the things they often do is a horrible snorking kind of inhalation, sometimes after exertion of some kind, sometimes for no apparent reason. A vet told us their soft palate sometimes dropped down into (or on?) their windpipe. Bostons have extremely short muzzles and noses, so I don't know if the same thing could happen to a BC. We generally just try to keep the dog calm and stroke the underside of their throat.

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