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We have a lovable 5 year old collie who has been with us since a pup. We have 2 kids that have grown up with him. His mom hails from a working background and lives on a farm. We relocated to the city approximately 18 months ago from a rural setting. Our second dog is a cross GSD/Rottweiler. Our kids have been raised to treat our pets as siblings and would never do anything to inflict any pain or even play roughly with their pets. Our dilemma is that the Collie 3 days ago has all of a sudden become very aggressive with the kids to the extent that he growls a deep, fierce (protective) growl. It appears mainly when my wife and I have been present, he does growl when we are not there but more aggressive when we are there. We cannot understand this sudden change in behaivour. We have taken him to a vet who found nothing physically wrong with him. Nothing in his environment has changed in the last 18 months. We cannot understand this and fear the safety of our children but also love our pet to death !

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