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When I got Jester, I was told his shot record would be sent to me, but the former owners have never sent it to the rescue foster home, so I never got it. I asked the foster "mom" if she thought that they had simply not done his vaccinations, and she said that she was pretty sure they had done the vaccinations, but maybe did not have records to send, and just didn't want to bother with getting them. I have for a long time not been keen on vaccinations, (past the initial puppy or kitten shots and one or 2 years' boosters) for myself or my animals, and stopped giving my cat booster shots years ago. I am debating whether or not to get booster shots for Jes. My cat lives indoors and never comes in contact with other cats. Jes, of course, does come in contact with other dogs, although not all that often. I am not sure how important those booster shots are, or which ones I should get if I only got some but not all of them. Of course, if it really is best for him to have them every year, that's no problem. I am just wondering, because I have heard that some vaccinations can be overkill, some are unnecessary past a certain age, and some can even cause harm. Jes is 2.

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