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Collie eye - CEA I would like to hear your experience

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Hi guys, sorry if this has been asked before and sorry for the long post. My beautiful boy has a patch of blurriness in his right eye. You can see it in the photo, taken directly under the light.

He will be 2 and a half yo on June 6th. I took him to a canine ophthalmologist who said it's collie eye and that it is a condition a lot of collies have (not just borders). She said it is the cornea that is affected only and that his vision is 100%. She said the cornea does not generate enough cells and so it has become blurry as you see here. She also said it will likely not get bigger but it will also not go away and that it is not life threatening.

She confirmed that there is an operation to try and remove the blurriness but it does not guarantee success. 

My questions are: Does anyone have experience with this?

Have eye drops helped? His vet (different than the ophthalmologist, although she made the same suggestion), suggested we try some drops with hyaluronic which we started yesterday.

Should i be worried for blindness down the road, even though his eye sight has not been affected thus far?

Thank you for your patience ❤️



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Did the ophthalmologist say it was CEA (Collie eye anomaly)?  Or did they just call it collie eye?  It's a bit confusing in how you worded it. If there is no vision impairment and no issues I personally wouldn't mess with the eyes! How would eye drops help with a blurriness on the cornea if even the surgery isn't guaranteed? Good luck!  With most CEA dogs their vision is never impaired. Did they tell you the grade of the CEA?

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Hello, thank you so much for replying to me. She said it is collie eye and explained it as corneal dysplasia, basically. 

What she described is that the cornea does not produce enough cells and this is the reason that his eye is a bit blurry. She also said that it is a condition predominant in collies. I understood that it is CEA because when i search for corneal dysplasia i get CEA results. 

She said that there is no damage to the sight. She did not specify the grade of CEA. The reason they both mentioned these drops is due to the fact that hyaluronic helps produce more cells, something that could help with the blurriness. This is all i know and the more i read the more confused i am. This is why i am asking for people's experience. As it may help clarify things.

What confuses me the most is that wherever i read, it says that CEA usually shows at around 6 to 8 weeks old but for us it showed at almost 2 and a half years. I am trying to understand if this is normal. He also had blood tests that were compeltely healthy.

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Ok, "CEA shows" is just that in the affected dogs that it can be seen at the earliest around 6/8 weeks under the scope from an eye exam, not just a vet looking at the eye though and it is not a matter of "showing" CEA is not something you can "see".. I'm still not following your meaning of the blurriness and needing the drops. I'm missing something here..if the eye itself has just a bit of "haze" to it, no sight issues, then I'd still be inclined to leave it alone.

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Hello, after reading a bit more i understand that he has epithelial corneal dysplasia.  This is exactly how they explained the situation (even though the ophthalmologist said collie eye).

This means that the cornea does not produce enough cells. The fact that the cornea does not produce enough cells, causes the blurry spot. The drops are used to help create more cells as they contain hyaluronic (which is something our bodies produce). This may help take the blurriness away or reduce it.

I do not know if epithelial corneal dysplasia is under the scope of CEA. I did not understand that from my reading unfortunately. Here is a link that i read (one of the many) that talks about his condition.


THANK YOU for replying again ❤️❤️

I am a bit more calm now as i have read a bit more and understood what they both meant. His eye sight is still 100% And the blurry spot has not expanded or changed in any way.

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Oh, thank you for this update! Stay calm, don't worry. Educating yourself is your best bet, though Dr Google can scare ya! I'll go read your link as I am not familiar with this one. Either way, take a deep breath and know you are doing what you can for your boy and that matters!

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Here is an older paper on this subject..just now reading it so not sure how applicable to your boy it may be!




Here is another - https://www.thesprucepets.com/corneal-dystrophy-in-dogs-5186412


Interesting topic, sorry you are having to learn on the fly about this. I don't recall ever reading or hearing about this in the breed.

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