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Border Collie math (dog math) time spent

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A bit of math  about border collies(dogs) and the time you think you spend on them.

 If you were to spend two hours a day on your dog , after 12 years you would have spent 1 year on the dog. One year in a life span of twelve that has passed.

2hrs a day x 365 days a year = 730hrs every year ,  730hrs x 12 years life span (average) = 8760hrs  , 8760 divided by 24(hours in a day)= 365 days 

2 1/2 x 365=912.5      912.5x12=10950hrs   10950 divided by 24= 456.25 days    or  1 year 3months

3 x 365                                                                                               =547 .50 days         1 year 6months

3 1/2 x365                                                                                           =638.75days           1 year 9 months

4                                                                                                            =730days         or   2 years

4 1/2                                                                                                       =821.25                  2 years 3months

5                                                                                                             =912.50                  2 years 6 months

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I checked your math in Excel. You’re good. :D 

=((2*365)*12)/24 …….. =((5*365)*12)/24; 365…….912.50

Seriously though, I think it is great that you want to provide the best life possible for your Border Collie.

Since I retired from semi-retirement to further my studies, I spend nearly 24/7 with my dogs. You’d think they’d be sick of me, but Jan, especially, still pokes her head around the door to make sure I haven’t drowned in the shower.

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