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Recommendations for reputable breeders near FL

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Hello. I currently have a 11.5 year old BC who was rescued. I am looking to add a pup to my family within the next year. I’m having a hard time finding reputable breeders near me in Florida. I am willing to travel out of state for the right dog. Most of the breeders I have found are either AKC breeders, don’t respond to me or don’t have an upcoming litters planned. I have checked out online some breeders in SC, NC, Georgia, and Virginia. Any recommendations? 

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Hello! Unfortunately, the person I got Braden from just announced he is no longer breeding. I'm curious to see what other people on this board share since I want to add a pup to our pack within the next year or so. The lady I take herding lessons from occasionally has litters but doesn't have any planned at the moment. She doesn't advertise, but her pups go quickly. Just a thought, that you might want to call people who give herding lessons and see if they are planning on any litters. I imagine they might be the same and not necessarily announce the litter anywhere online. In any case, they might be able to at least provide some contacts for breeders. Good luck!

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One problem I can see is that most reputable breeders usually have people waiting for litters from their dogs/bitches. They don't need to advertise and pups are spoken for when it gets out by word of mouth that a breeding is planned. 

One thing that I would suggest to anyone who is serious about getting a well-bred, working-bred pup is to get training yourself so you will be prepared to work with your pup; make connections by meeting people, and a great way to do that is to volunteer at USBCHA trials where you can help out, learn while you help, and meet handlers; and be patient while you build your "credentials" so that a reputable breeder is going to be willing to put one of his/her pups in your hands. 

The best breeders do not produce many pups and they want to make the best breeding decisions they can - and then place those pups in the hands of people where they will thrive and have the opportunity to live up to their potential. This accomplishes two things - the pups get good, knowledgeable homes and the breeder gets the opportunity to get feedback on how that particular pairing of dog and bitch produced. 

This does often make it hard for a newcomer to find and purchase a well-bred pup, but it is worth it in the long run to learn; meet people and make connections; help out; and get yourself into a position to know of and be considered for a nicely-bred pup. Generally, if it's too easy to buy a pup, it's not going to be the best kind of breeder. 

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All that said, there are conscientious breeders who have no problem selling to a sport or pet home as long as they feel the prospective home will be a good one for the pup and that the pup will not be bred from unless it has proven itself a quality stockworking dog. But you may have to widen your search area significantly to find the right breeder. 

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We are looking and in no hurry for our fourth Border girl.  Perhaps a breeder with a low pressure pup, not enough drive to work stock.  We propose to add as a puppy, so she will grow up with our Kuvasz boy, our other Border girl, and two cats.   First was Agnes Rodgers' Miss Billie Mags, followed by Bess from Phoenix Rising rescue (both long gone) and the current girl, Bonnie also from Phoenix Rising.  Bonnie is healthy but showing her  (unknown) age.  We can trace her from about 2010, but she was a street dog in South Carolina before that so we don't know.  We guess she's currently 14 or so. 

We have 2 acres fenced out of 2 1/2, the dogs go out when they request and live underfoot the rest of the time.  We feed in their crates but otherwise they have the run of the house except the 'cat room' where the cats can retire when they wish - both like our dogs.

Our dogs all progress at least to CGC in formal training classes with the Lake Lanier Obedience Club , some have gone further.  An addition will be taken to the CGC level, and might go a bit further to do some Obedience or Rally. Herding is probably beyond us at our age, so a low pressure girl would be the best fit.

If anybody knows or hears of a possible fit, please contact us at jhbridges@ymail.com or (770) 965-6120.  The voice mail takes about ten rings to discourage  robocalls, be patient.

Johnny - Paula Bridges

Braselton, Ga.


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