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Border Collie Persistent Nipping and Biting


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Desperate for some advice. 

We are a family of 4 with two girls who are 10 and 8. Our BC puppy is going to turn 5 months on 1st of April. He has been with us since December and what a journey it has been and a huge learning curve. He is incredibly bright and easy to train. However persistent nipping and biting of the girls is one major issue that I am finding very difficult to handle primarily because I already tried everything I heard of to stop it. We all follow basic principles of obedience training, tried to keep him busy with distractions, various commands, using the line, giving him time out, reinforcing the positive behaviours and so on and so forth. While he is incredibly quick in picking up everything else, the biting of the children is one thing that I do not seem to be able to get under control. 
Please advice if you had similar issues and found something that did work and stopped the biting. I am familiar with the theories of BC herding the children. I really need advice on stopping this because it is very hard to have a dog that children constantly need to be away from. 

Thank you so much in advance. 


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