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ive a almost 5 year old male border collie, ive had from 8 weeks, hes loving smart, and inteligent, well socialised, hes on the beach for 4 hours every day! im retired. Im wanting to bring j  to our home a puppy border collie Female, Trouble is on his own turf he getts a bit jealous, would he be ok with the pup once they are familiar to one another, ill have to make sure hes not getting jummped on. Advise would be appriciated. Thankyou. 

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I don't know what you mean by "a bit jealous". Does this mean he ties to get between the other dog and you, or looks sad, or tries to get your attention, or goes full-on violent with the other dog? Lots of interpretations of this phrase. If it's just a minor thing and would cause no harm to anyone, that's one thing. If "a bit jealous" means attacking the other dog, that's another entirely.

It's impossible for anyone to tell you whether this will be a problem or not. You don't even know, and this is your dog. Best thing would be to bring another  puppy or young dog to the home and see how that goes. Also, take your dog with you to visit the puppy you want to get and try to gauge how well your dog accepts your giving attention to the puppy.

If your dog goes full-on Cujo with another in his home, I would not advise getting another dog at all.


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