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How long do Border Collies live in general

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My dogs have always lived 15+ years except my one little guy, who passed away at 12.5 years in April of cancer.


Most border collies that I know are still going strong at 12 - 13 years of age - herding, etc.


My friend's one Border Collie (who has no working instinct whatsoever btw) is 13.5 years of age and will be at the agility nationals competing in the veteran's class. She is still going strong and at the last eye clinic the vet thought she was around 8 years of age!


I think a lot of it has to do with how well the dogs are looked after their entire life, good food, lots of exercise, health concerns looked after immediately, etc etc

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I think Border collies are generally longer-lived than most dogs in their weight class. Dogs that live to be 15 are pretty commonplace. I've known a couple that went to 18, and heard of one that lived to be 20.


I have one that's 10 and a half and still working every day. Her mother is 15 and deaf, but still likes to work chickens.


The other answer is that good dogs live forever.

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Wasn't there a thread a year or so ago about a border collie in England who was 28 years old?


Our Lab/German Shepherd lived just over 15 years. And she was no where near as active and healthy as Fergie, our Border Collie/Lab.

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