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Okay, so, I have a female BC puppy who is 26 weeks old, and she weighs ~31 pounds. With that being said, she is a tad overweight due to a smoke problem where I live and she couldn’t go outside and exercise for about 2 weeks. She also suddenly hit a growth spurt and is very tall!

We got her at 10 weeks and she was an estimated ~10 pounds.

Her mom (working lines) is VERY tall, but thin so I’d have to ask how much she weighs. Her dad (show lines) is on the smaller side, and average BC weight for a show male (Id have to ask for specifics)


Everyone told me that she is was on the small side when we got her, but could this just be her big growth spurt? (yes she does need to lose a pound or two, but she’s not obese)


Thank you :)



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Well I know they are all individuals but Rylie at exactly 5 months was 33.2 lbs and not fat at all. I would say his weight is about where it should be, not fat nor thin, just muscular and sleek. There is a photo of him on the Gallery if you'd like to see him.


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