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Age to start skijoring?

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I am seeking the advice of experience about when is a safe age to start a border collie on skijoring.  Hank will be one year old on February 15.  Currently he runs 2-3 miles a day with me, mostly off leash, stopping and starting as he explores the smells of the local apple orchard.  The last time we weighed him, a month ago, he was at 35 pounds and growing.

We will not set any world land speed records on snow, as I will start my eighth decade in January.  I have dozens of ski marathons under my belt, and know to fall before I am dragged into the forest in pursuit of a rabbit.

Regards, Jim


200824 - on Snake Mt 102.jpg

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I am not sure about skijoring, but I know that with agility, most reputable clubs will not start full training (e.g. jumps and weaves) until dogs turn 1 year old, and competition where I come from is not until 18 months, to permit joints and bones to fully grow.  So you could probably start some light stuff from when he is a year old? 

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