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  1. Hello, For those of you with thermometers which get below 0 degrees F., at what point do you put booties on your dog's feet to prevent frozen paws? I have a one year-old BC (pictures of Hank are attached). This morning it was -5 and I slipped on red felt booties for our brief pre-breakfast run out of an abundance of caution. Regards, Jim
  2. Hello, I am seeking the advice of experience about when is a safe age to start a border collie on skijoring. Hank will be one year old on February 15. Currently he runs 2-3 miles a day with me, mostly off leash, stopping and starting as he explores the smells of the local apple orchard. The last time we weighed him, a month ago, he was at 35 pounds and growing. We will not set any world land speed records on snow, as I will start my eighth decade in January. I have dozens of ski marathons under my belt, and know to fall before I am dragged into the forest in pursuit of a rabbit.
  3. A stall ball in a big backyard. This is a 12- 15-inch (diameter) hard plastic ball. It gets flipped, bounced off a fence, knocks against your leg, and gives the BC plenty of exercise directing it around the yard (with sound effects from the dog). Designed for horses. Get the most indestructible kind possible.
  4. I had two females a couple of decades back. Never again. They were constantly at each other in small spaces - especially the kitchen. Eventually their workaround was to take turns playing "near dog, far dog".
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