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Don't like walks anymore.

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My Jess has become frightened to go out for a walk on the lead ( only sometimes ). We leave the house ok walk a 100 yards or so then just stops and looks at me. She is only about 6 years old and we have had her about three years. We rescued her and from my experience she has not been mistreated at all. We have been walking for miles since we had her and had no issues. Some days she is absolutely fine and we covered a few miles this morning. This is just a random walking problem. She been on Desmopressin since March for Diabetes and seems very healthy. In doors she is fine and active. Typical dog, don't like fireworks or shotguns; we live in the country where guns are used.

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The first thing I would do in your circumstance is take her to the vet for a full checkup, in case something is going on that you need to know about. Dogs are very good at hiding problems, and she may be having an intermittent problem that makes her not want to walk very far.

If all checks out very well, then my next thought is that she is hearing something you cannot hear. Their hearing is many times what ours is and they hear things in registers we cannot heat at all. I might want to check around my area and find out what is happening around me on the days she doesn't want to go walking. Some kind of machinery? A gun that's too far away for you to hear? Maybe you can figure it out.

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I tend to think it is noise at this stage. This morning she was bouncing with excitement by the front door when I picked her lead up. As soon as I opened the front door it all changed and she would not budge. I put her in the car and drove about 4 miles and walked her along a new path, she was fine ? Thanks for reply.

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